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If you're wondering where the exams are, just click on a Grade Level at the top of the page.  Also there, you'll find a link to sign up, access your account details, or choose from many other options by clicking on the menu icon in the top right corner!

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Get Instant Results

Tests are instantly marked so you don't need to wait for feedback.

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Study time is efficient when just a few clicks gets you a powerful practice test  to dive into.

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Practice tests at home, school, or anywhere in between. ExamBank works anywhere you have internet.

Share Results

Email your practice results to a teacher or parent and wow them with your effort and progress.

Improve Your Grades

Growth happens by reviewing key concepts.  Solidify learning and identify areas for improvement.

Get Helpful Explanations

Worked out solutions help you understand the process of arriving at the correct answer.

Build Your Confidence

Say goodbye to test anxiety. Practice and preparation are key to feeling confident about test taking.

View Statistics

View up to the minute account usage details, such as which tests were opened, and when.




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