Top Scores for Chemistry 20, The Elements - Atomic Structures and Trends
1H. H.William Aberhart High School100.0%
2Y. O.Peace Wapiti Academy100.0%
3L. M.Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School100.0%
4J. A.Ecole Regionale St. Paul Regional High School96.0%
5R. B.Alberta Distance Learning CentreCLOSED96.0%
66. 9.Henry Wise Wood High School96.0%
7L. O.None96.0%
8S. D.Austin O' Brien96.0%
9K. D.J Percy Page School92.0%
10T. Y.Barrhead Composite High School92.0%
11 . .Sir Winston Churchill High School92.0%
12D. K.Austin O' Brien92.0%
13I. M.School of Hope92.0%
14A. N.Sir Winston Churchill High School92.0%
15C. O.Canmore Collegiate92.0%
16G. W.Calgary Christian Elementary School88.0%
17 . .Barrhead Composite High School88.0%
18A. K.Henry Wise Wood High School88.0%
19N. H.L'Academie Vimy Ridge Academy88.0%
20N. M.Sir Winston Churchill High School88.0%
21M. C.Vernon Barford School88.0%
22D. G.Louis St. Laurent88.0%
23 . .Cremona School88.0%
24S. S.St. Cecilia84.0%
25C. M.None84.0%

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