Top Scores for Social Studies 7, Pre-Confederation: French and British Political Competition
1A. F.Fort McMurray School District No. 2833100.0%
2M. S.Londonderry School100.0%
3M. S.Londonderry School100.0%
4 . .St. Rose100.0%
5M. A.St. Stephens Catholic School100.0%
6M. A.St. Stephens Catholic School100.0%
7M. A.St. Stephens Catholic School100.0%
8K. M.Vista100.0%
9H. M.Westwood Community High School100.0%
10E. H.F. R. Haythorne School100.0%
11M. A.F. R. Haythorne School100.0%
12M. A.F. R. Haythorne School100.0%
13M. A.F. R. Haythorne School100.0%
14D. A.St. Brigid100.0%
15M. A.F. R. Haythorne School100.0%
16M. A.F. R. Haythorne School100.0%
17L. H.F. R. Haythorne School100.0%
18L. W.Parkview School100.0%
19L. B.Foundations for the Future Charter Academy Charter School Societ90.0%
20A. L.Colonel Irvine School90.0%
21J. .Ardrossan Junior Senior High School90.0%
22M. A.F. R. Haythorne School90.0%
23F. I.Louis St. Laurent90.0%
24L. W.Parkview School90.0%
25F. K.Lakeland Ridge School80.0%

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