Top Scores for Social Studies 10-1, Geography Challenge: Europe Map 1
1 . .Bearspaw Christian School and College100.0%
2M. N.Barrhead Composite High School100.0%
3A. U.Sir Winston Churchill High School100.0%
4G. K.St. Joseph100.0%
5J. N.Canmore Collegiate100.0%
6R. Z.None100.0%
7R. R.Foothills Composite High School100.0%
86. 9.None100.0%
9R. A.Blyth Academy Qatar100.0%
10Z. F.Blyth Academy Qatar100.0%
11R. K.Blyth Academy Qatar100.0%
12R. K.Blyth Academy Qatar100.0%
13Z. F.Blyth Academy Qatar100.0%
14N. W.Cold Lake High School100.0%
15D. R.Camrose Composite High School100.0%
16Y. K.Alberta Distance Learning Centre100.0%
17E. Z.Redwater School100.0%
18X. D.J. T. Foster School100.0%
19N. G.Archbishop O'Leary100.0%
20O. G.Canmore Collegiate100.0%
21D. T.Kate Andrews High School100.0%
22E. P.School of Hope100.0%
23J. N.Canmore Collegiate93.3%
24Z. Z.Paul Rowe Junior Senior High School93.3%
25F. K.None93.3%

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