Top Scores for Social Studies 5, Geography Challenge: Canadian Capital Cities
1 . .Clear Water Academy92.3%
2V. H.Nose Creek School92.3%
3V. H.Nose Creek School92.3%
4V. H.Nose Creek School92.3%
5F. O.Millwoods Christian School92.3%
6H. M.Centre for Academic and Personal Excellence92.3%
7B. L.Foundations for the Future Charter Academy Charter School Societ84.6%
8J. S.St. Vincent De Paul Elementary Junior High School76.9%
9W. H.Lamont Elementary School61.5%
10M. T.JBT Elementary School46.2%
11V. H.Nose Creek School30.8%
12N. O.School of Hope23.1%
13V. H.Nose Creek School7.7%
14 . .St. Anne School0.0%
15 . .JBT Elementary School0.0%
16 . .Wes Hosford School0.0%

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