Top Scores for Math 30-3, Statistics
16. 9.Lamont High School100.0%
2K. B.Central High School Sedgewick90.0%
3K. G.Northern Lakes College90.0%
4H. S.Kirkness School90.0%
5G. D.Argyll Home School Centre90.0%
66. 9.Lamont High School90.0%
76. 9.Lamont High School90.0%
86. 9.Lamont High School90.0%
9R. A.Victoria School90.0%
10K. G.Northern Lakes College80.0%
116. 9.Lamont High School80.0%
12P. Q.Netsilik Ilihakvik70.0%
136. 9.Lamont High School70.0%
14G. H.Rosedale School70.0%
15N. D.Covenant Canadian Reformed School Society Of Neerlandia70.0%
16D. P.Austin O'Brien70.0%
17P. J.Brooks Composite High School60.0%
18S. S.Grande Prairie Composite High School60.0%
19P. N.Netsilik Ilihakvik60.0%
206. 9.Lamont High School60.0%
216. 9.Lamont High School60.0%
22 . .Winston Churchill High School60.0%
23 . .Winston Churchill High School60.0%
24K. M.Calgary Academy60.0%
25 . .Calgary French and International School50.0%

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