Top Scores for Science 6, Entire Course
1A. A.Spirit of the North Community School100.0%
2C. T.George H Luck School100.0%
3C. T.George H Luck School100.0%
4C. F.Irvine School100.0%
5E. W.Richard Secord School100.0%
6E. W.Richard Secord School100.0%
7O. F.Our Lady of Mount Pleasant Catholic School100.0%
8W. K.Our Lady of Mount Pleasant Catholic School100.0%
9R. E.Racette Junior High School100.0%
10Z. C.G. S. Lakie Middle School100.0%
11T. Z.Menno Simons Christian School100.0%
12T. Z.Menno Simons Christian School100.0%
13T. Z.Menno Simons Christian School100.0%
14C. J.Irvine School90.0%
15C. T.George H Luck School90.0%
16A. A.Racette Junior High School90.0%
176. 9.Racette Junior High School90.0%
18M. H.Notre Dame Academy90.0%
19B. W.Pine Street School90.0%
20V. D.Harry Balfour School90.0%
21J. N.Pine Street School90.0%
22S. F.Archbishop Joseph MacNeil90.0%
23G. R.Our Lady of Mount Pleasant Catholic School90.0%
24C. J.Irvine School80.0%
25J. S.Brentwood Elementary School80.0%

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