Top Scores for Science 20, Unit 3: Chemical Changes
1M. G.Mother Margaret Mary High School100.0%
2A. P.Mother Margaret Mary High School100.0%
3M. T.Sturgeon Composite High School100.0%
4W. C.Holy Trinity90.0%
5T. B.Connections for Learning90.0%
6J. .Jasper Place School90.0%
7H. M.Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School90.0%
8M. G.Mother Margaret Mary High School90.0%
9Y. J.Holy Trinity90.0%
10Y. J.Holy Trinity90.0%
11A. J.Red Deer Catholic Regional Division No. 3990.0%
12L. B.Memorial Composite High School90.0%
13T. B.Connections for Learning80.0%
14M. T.Sturgeon Composite High School80.0%
15M. T.Sturgeon Composite High School80.0%
16J. P.Anzac School80.0%
17G. P.Victoria School80.0%
18J. K.Archbishop O'Leary70.0%
19 . .Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School70.0%
20M. G.Mother Margaret Mary High School70.0%
21O. O.Christ the Redeemer Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 370.0%
22M. T.Sturgeon Composite High School70.0%
23M. G.Sturgeon Composite High School70.0%
24M. T.Sturgeon Composite High School70.0%
25L. F.St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy70.0%

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