Top Scores for Science 9, The Elements - Periodicity, Properties and Uses
1H. H.Victoria School100.0%
2H. H.Victoria School100.0%
3H. H.Victoria School100.0%
4H. H.Victoria School100.0%
5H. H.Victoria School96.0%
6H. H.Victoria School96.0%
7H. H.Victoria School96.0%
8H. H.Victoria School96.0%
9H. H.Victoria School96.0%
10H. H.Victoria School92.0%
11H. H.Victoria School88.0%
12 . .Manachaban Middle School84.0%
13D. Z.Ottewell School84.0%
14H. H.Victoria School84.0%
15H. H.Victoria School84.0%
16H. H.Victoria School84.0%
17H. H.Victoria School84.0%
18J. K.La Crete Public School80.0%
19K. T.Peace Wapiti Academy80.0%
20 . .St. Rose80.0%
21J. B.Strathcona Christian Secondary80.0%
22H. H.Victoria School80.0%
23H. H.Victoria School80.0%
24L. C.Sherwood Heights Junior High School76.0%
25R. Y.St. Rose76.0%

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