Top Scores for Science 10, The Elements - Atomic Structures and Trends
1J. Y.Western Canada High School100.0%
2C. W.William Aberhart High School92.0%
3M. Z.J Percy Page School92.0%
4J. Y.Western Canada High School92.0%
5M. G.W P Wagner School88.0%
6 . .Peace Wapiti Academy88.0%
7P. R.None88.0%
8B. K.Sir George Simpson Junior High88.0%
9A. P.None88.0%
10 . .The School of Alberta Ballet84.0%
11Q. Q.Strathcona School84.0%
12L. C.Archbishop O'Leary84.0%
13L. O.Austin O' Brien84.0%
14 . .Western Canada High School84.0%
15 . .Earl Buxton Elementary84.0%
166. 9.Christ the Redeemer Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 384.0%
17 . .Archbishop MacDonald84.0%
186. C.Austin O' Brien84.0%
19E. B.None80.0%
20Q. Q.Foundations For The Future Charter Academy80.0%
21R. P.Sir Winston Churchill High School80.0%
22 . .Christ the Redeemer Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 380.0%
23R. M.Centennial High School80.0%
24T. S.Austin O' Brien80.0%
25O. O.Calgary Christian Elementary School80.0%

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