Top Scores for Chemistry 20, Unit 3: Matter as Solutions, Acids, and Bases
1S. C.Holy Trinity100.0%
2A. F.Salisbury Composite High School100.0%
3A. F.Salisbury Composite High School100.0%
4A. F.Salisbury Composite High School100.0%
5M. M.Strathcona School100.0%
6B. S.Sir Winston Churchill High School100.0%
7M. E.Jasper Place School100.0%
8M. Z.J Percy Page School100.0%
9K. D.St. Joseph100.0%
10W. Q.Strathcona School100.0%
11W. Q.Strathcona School100.0%
12A. L.Archbishop MacDonald100.0%
13W. Q.Strathcona School100.0%
14G. G.Chestermere High School100.0%
15M. Z.J Percy Page School100.0%
16G. G.Chestermere High School100.0%
17S. C.Holy Trinity90.0%
18S. C.Holy Trinity90.0%
19S. C.Holy Trinity90.0%
20S. C.Holy Trinity90.0%
21A. F.Salisbury Composite High School90.0%
22A. F.Salisbury Composite High School90.0%
23T. W.Bev Facey Community High School90.0%
24S. H.Christ the Redeemer Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 390.0%
25K. D.St. Joseph90.0%

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