Top Scores for Social Studies 7, Post-Confederation: Urbanization and Technology
1O. S.Glamorgan School100.0%
2L. W.Parkview School100.0%
3H. Y.St. Rose100.0%
4H. Y.St. Rose100.0%
5A. L.Christian Alliance International School100.0%
6K. R.New Horizons School100.0%
7J. H.Fort McMurray Christian School100.0%
8F. R.Fort McMurray Christian School100.0%
9E. S.Fort McMurray Christian School100.0%
10W. C.Westwind Alternate School100.0%
11G. R.Alberta Distance Learning Centre100.0%
12C. M.None100.0%
13R. D.Londonderry School100.0%
14A. S.Christ the Redeemer Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 3100.0%
15D. K.Fort Saskatchewan Christian School100.0%
16 . .Westwood Community High School90.0%
17A. L.Christian Alliance International School90.0%
18C. W.Christian Alliance International School90.0%
19M. J.Dunluce School90.0%
20E. P.Fort McMurray Christian School90.0%
21J. H.Fort McMurray Christian School90.0%
22J. H.Fort McMurray Christian School90.0%
23E. P.Fort McMurray Christian School90.0%
24A. F.Fort McMurray Christian School90.0%
25T. T.Londonderry School90.0%

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